Naughty or Nice?

Woman wearing a funny Christmas sweatshirt Be Naughty and Save Santa a Trip
It's that time of year again! The time when we all start thinking about what we want for Christmas, and whether we've been naughty or nice. If you're on the fence about which list you'll end up on this year, why not save Santa a trip and be naughty instead? Here are three reasons why being naughty might just be the right choice for you.
You'll get what you want.
Think about it—have you ever known a nice person to get everything they wanted for Christmas? No way! Nice people are always getting coal in their stockings, or socks, or whatever else Santa can fit down the chimney. But naughty people? Naughty people always seem to get exactly what they want. So if you've got your heart set on that new iPad or those designer shoes, being naughty is the way to go.

You'll save Santa a trip.
Let's face it, Santa is getting up there in age. The poor guy could use a break. So why not do him a favor and take yourself off of his nice list? That way he can focus on delivering presents to all the good little girls and boys, and he won't have to waste his time coming to your house. Win-win!

You can be yourself.
Being naughty is liberating! When you're nice, you have to put on a goody two-shoes act all the time and pretend to be someone you're not. But when you're naughty, you can let your true self shine through. So go ahead and give into your impulses this holiday season—you might just find that being bad is actually good for you.
This year, forget about being nice—it's overrated anyway. Why not be naughty and save Santa a trip? You'll get what you want,Santa will appreciate the break, and you can finally be yourself. So go ahead and indulge your mischievous side this holiday season—you might just find that being bad is actually quite enjoyable.
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